Welcome to Mirage International

Mirage International, Inc. is an established, proven leader in the Porsche performance market.  Since 1988, Porsches have been our business, and they’ve been our passion for even longer.

We specialize in making Porsches handle better through suspension and chassis tuning and upgrades. Our Porsche engines are built in-house to exacting standards. In addition, we provide OEM and performance parts to clients worldwide.

Our goal is succinct – to make the best-performing Porsches in the world. Mirage International is small enough to take real pride in each and every job, yet has the resources to tackle even the toughest projects. We’re as honored to build the engines for Singer Vehicle Design as we are to assemble the one that goes into a daily driver.

At Mirage, every part that we install is proven. This approach not only amplifies racing applications, but also provides significant improvement for street cars. We can supply quality OEM parts, aftermarket equipment and guidance.


We strive to make your Porsche as fast, reliable and predictable as it can be. Your performance is a direct reflection on our performance. Please feel free to e-mail us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

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